Welcome to PocketCruiserGuide™

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Welcome to PocketCruiserGuide™

This site is intended to be a guide to those who are seeking to buy, build, or sail a pocket cruising sailboat. In my shopping around for a pocket cruiser, I found that there were few websites dedicated only to this type of boat. I thought I'd share what I found with other web cruisers. I'm defining pocket cruiser as a trailerable, easily launchable sailboat of 30 feet or less with a cabin that provides some sleeping quarters. These boats should be fairly easy to handle on the road behind typical cars. A smaller boat is less expensive to buy and maintain. Almost anyone can afford a used pocket cruiser, so ownership is open to almost anyone. I hope you enjoy your visit - Chip

Please E-mail me or sign the guest book if you have any comments, suggestions for additions, etc....

Last updated 11 December 2011

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